Undefined Consulting, a group of developers looking to provide services to our customers focusing on quality and optimisation.

Started our joined work in 2018 but have been behind the keyboard collectively for over 40 years.


Looking first at business requirements, deliverables, understanding customer goals and planning before touching the keyboard helps us (and you) better determine the road ahead and how fast we will reach our goal.

Obviously there will be speed-humps on the way, but they are part of our work to iron out and address as early as possible.


We do not define our skills based on technologies, but rather the ability to understand our customer needs and decide the technology to use for current and future requirements.

But let’s not kid ourselves, budgetary constraints was, is and always will be the main drive for most of the technology decisions.

Nevertheless, for those curious, here are some images to hint technologies:

goto jumper2


sudo reboot -r 2